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SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou is located on yuanboyuan East Road, adjacent to Dongfang Macheng and Jinyin Lake Golf Course in the East, Hankou city center in the South and yuanboyuan scenic spot in the West. Located on the east side of hankouli commercial street, the hotel is an architectural group in the period of the Republic of China. All kinds of old Wuhan cuisine gather around, and ancient buildings and modern elements complement each other.
The predecessor of the hotel is Hankou hotel built in 1913, commonly known as 'Louwailou'. The whole hotel has two four storey western style towers and two podiums below, connecting the two four storey buildings. After reconstruction, it still retains the memory of the historic old hotel.
The lobby bar of the hotel has the function of rest in the book bar. You can enjoy the welcome coffee or tea carefully arranged in the lobby. The four seasons garden restaurant with unique local cuisine can offer you a rich Chinese and western buffet breakfast and business meals.
The hotel is jointly built by Wang tongchong and Zhu Dongbo, two famous designers who have won the Asia Pacific designer Golden Art Award, international ecological award and aiding award. Southeast Asian style furnishings can be seen everywhere, with a strong oriental cultural atmosphere.
This is the real 'Peach Blossom Land in the center of the city'. Living here, you can find scenery everywhere. The unique cultural customs in Hankou attract many tourists, and let you find pure forest oxygen bar and breathe fresh air in the busy city.
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FAQs when booking at SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou
  • How far is the hotel from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport?

    SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou is 16.4km from the airport.

  • Does SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou.

  • Does SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a gym, but no pool. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou?

    Each costs cny48 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at SSAW Boutique Hotel Wuhan Hankou?

    The room prices is from cny399, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • e03245647
    The environment is very good, the scenery is very good and the style is quite good
  • Candorma
    It's a good hotel to recommend
  • rainy_sunny123
    Close to the park Expo, the environment is quiet
  • moyimoyimoyi
    Environmental sanitation is OK. There are free drinks and snacks in the room. It's quiet at night. The front desk service is friendly! Especially Xiao Zhao, great!
  • e00140603
    The service and facilities are very good, especially at the front desk, Xiao Yang and Xiao Xiao
  • aido1123
    The hotel environment is very good, the building is very distinctive, the breakfast is very good, the room is large, it is a surprise, there is a balcony, the elderly and children like it very much, and they will choose here next time.
  • anniewmy
    The environment is good. It's worth coming back
  • elian18
    The location of the hotel is good, the price is also favorable, the front desk service is very friendly, very professional, the room space is large, the facilities are good, check-out and free gift bag, the night snack is very good, you can not eat dinner, ha ha, the cost performance is very high
  • Little Johnny
    Good service, good location, good environment. Very close to Hankou station, next to the subway, the room is very comfortable, the price is moderate, more affordable. Breakfast tastes good and has many varieties.
  • gracejing1982
    The hotel is located in Hankou, yuanboyuan. It's quiet at night. The room is very clean, and the drinks and water in the fridge can also be drunk. The overall occupancy experience was very good. Especially for the front desk service, it was already evening when I arrived. I was a little confused about the direction. When I called the hotel to ask for the way, Xiao Xiao, a beautiful girl at the front desk, told me the location of the hotel and the route. She also picked me up at the intersection, which moved me 10 points. When arranging the room, I also asked carefully if I had any taboos and preferences. The room type and orientation arranged for me were very satisfactory. It's very gentle and careful to answer the phone. Thank you very much.
  • easytiger
    Beside the scenic spot, the environment is very good
  • Clover_ Huang Yitong
    It's not bad
  • fanlinan
    Xiaoshen Xiaoxiao, good service, good environment
  • flyingiceman
    (*≧ ω (the little sister at the front desk is very good! I will live here when I come to Hankou!
  • lixu East
    The location is pretty good, quite quiet. The service of the hotel is very good. It's back to the Garden Expo Garden. You can get up in the morning and take a walk. The subway is at the gate of the trip, and the gym has only three treadmills. Recommended.
  • artisan
    Wuhan has been on business and staying in this hotel for a long time. In Hankou, there are many restaurants, and the service is very considerate. In the evening, there are free mung bean soup, milk and porridge. The room has a balcony. I feel very good. The bath water is very big and comfortable. Their manager Wang Bing is very warm and thoughtful. If you have anything, you can ask her for help!
  • a51013
    The hotel is very good
  • lw6364
    Leisure travel is a good choice
  • liuy01
    It's a great hotel. The front desk service is super good. It's very friendly. There's a free tea area in the lobby. The outside environment is very good. The buildings are very beautiful. Many people take wedding photos. The room space is very large. The facilities are very good. The bed is very comfortable. The breakfast is also very good. I like it very much. The location of the hotel is very good. It's in Hankou, next to the subway station. It's convenient to travel, cheap and cost-effective. I like it??
  • e00168720
    The service was very good. I added 80 membership cards to my room and gave breakfast as a gift. Breakfast buffet cost-effective is good, children like to eat their hot and dry noodles. The waiter was also very enthusiastic to provide juice and toys for the children. It's also very convenient to take children to the surrounding garden! The only disadvantage is that there are not many restaurants nearby. All the online Red shops have to take a taxi. The round-trip fare is also very expensive
  • pacificfeeling
    very nice. having an antique flavour
  • cindyguoxin
    Good location and convenient travel. It has the characteristics of old Wuhan. It's good to have breakfast
  • titi6508
    Nice location, quiet
  • andrew_soar
    Beautiful environment, very quiet
  • pollycjb
    In the Expo Park, it's a comfortable hotel
  • Dumber
    Full marks for Xiaoshen and Xiaoyue's service attitude
  • e01117503
    The situation is very good
  • Laura.sun
    Not bad, not bad
  • georgecm
    Good environment, convenient access
  • Max.F
    Quiet, sanitary, good environment! Good breakfast! And midnight! Free parking!
  • gino4813
    Breakfast is OK. It's suitable for taking children to visit parents and children. It's located in the retro street, next to the Garden Expo Garden. The environment is very good, the air is very good, and the hotel facilities are general.
  • andy801201
    I think it's good
  • demmama
    Good environment, clean room
    It's all very good on the whole. The friends who want to book don't need to hesitate
  • nanaomi
    The scenery is good and the sanitation is good.
  • gutao
    The environment is not bad. The room is smaller
  • ren3110a
    Breakfast is OK, and you can eat it at night. There is a lantern festival in the garden after the 17th Festival
  • devinting
    Xiaodeng's service is good, not the first day
  • e00049425
    The hotel environment is beautiful. In Hankou, it's very quiet at night. Xiao Zhang and Xiao Deng at the front desk are also very enthusiastic.
  • e00990754
    The environment is clean and tidy, the service attitude is good, the breakfast is rich, clean and hygienic. It's worth recommending.
  • matian569781593
    The location is superior. It's very close to the railway station. The room is clean and comfortable. The bed sheets and quilt covers are all new. The WiFi is also very good. There's no card for watching movies. The air conditioning system is also good. It's not cold at all. The bathing facilities are also very complete. The shampoo is very fragrant. The receptionist is also very friendly. Every time I enter the door, I'll say hello. There's a free parking space. There's a kind of star hotel treatment.
  • lixilipp
    The hotel is very good, very characteristic, the service attitude is very good, very humanized, especially Feng Xiao at the front desk, the people are very good, like him
  • emma2009
    The location of the hotel is in Yuanbo garden, which is a bit partial. The underground parking lot is very large. The breakfast is OK, but the furniture is a little old. It's good to take care of the children
  • caiguo37
    It's very special. There's a midnight snack in the evening. The waiter is also very friendly. The bedding is relatively clean, and the subway entrance is very close. Convenient traffic. Next time I have a chance to stay!
  • alvin_foo
    It's a very warm hotel with a sense of literature and art. The surrounding area is suitable for taking photos. There are free supper in the evening. There are free drinks and snacks in the room. The service is especially good. The front desk saw us with our children and specially sent children's toiletries and toys. When the child was sick, the front desk was very concerned and sent thermometer and fruit. Thank you very much.
  • e00132820
    It's very convenient to travel. It's very quiet near the subway entrance and in the scenic spot
  • ericfeng
    First of all, Junting hotel is located in Hankou ancient business street. It's really beautiful. The hotel has to be built in response to its surroundings, so it's very suitable for taking photos. Next to the garden is the Expo Garden. The environment is very good. We used to take the subway. The front desk attendant was very friendly and the service was up to standard. We called in advance to tell us how to get there. Entrance a of the subway is about three minutes away from the hotel. It's beautiful all the way. Happy??. Then the lobby of the hotel is very artistic and well designed. It's great to go back to the room all the way. Room facilities are very good, and free drinks, coffee machine, bedding are very comfortable. Clean and sanitary. It's very good overall, and the price is also affordable. Next time, I need to bring my friends [smile]
  • guaidaojidect
    The hotel is really wonderful, the location is not to be said, the environment is also super feeling. Xiao Zhang and Xiao Deng at the front desk are wonderful????
  • e00129091
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's in Hankou Li pedestrian street. Xiao AI at the front desk is very friendly. She also gave juice when checking out. But the cost of breakfast is not high, 48 a person's price is not much to eat. However, there is almost no business nearby to make breakfast, there is no way.
  • e02203606
    It's in a remote place. It's in Hankou
  • ygys789
    It's a great hotel, the front desk is very friendly, the service is very good, there are also small gift bags, the room space is very large, you can see the inside of yuanboyuan, the hotel location is very good, in Hankou, it's only a few minutes to yuanboyuan, outside is Metro Line 7, very convenient, cost-effective hotel,
  • sunriserise
    Pretty good overall, good environment
  • fanyusc
    The environment of the hotel is very good, the facilities are relatively new, and the surrounding area is very quiet. The service provided by Deng Xiaodeng at the front desk is very friendly. He has set up a member of Junting, so it will be more economical to travel in the future.
  • nicolejn
    Great hotel for parents and children
  • Mei IMP acridine ghost
    The guest comments of this hotel are very true. The software and hardware of the hotel are all good, but the location is biased. Friends without cars don't recommend choosing. What's worth mentioning is that the hotel meals are very good, hot and dry noodles are quite authentic, and other dishes are also very good, which are better than the surrounding restaurants, satisfying the taste buds of our family of four.
    The service attitude is very comfortable! The price is suitable. There is a free night snack in the evening. Although I haven't been there for one day, there is a phone call to remind me of the night snack. It's very considerate. Parking is free, and I gave some drinks before I left. The hotel also called to ask for the cleaning products that they forgot to bring when checking out.
  • joyce61513
    The service was friendly and there was a free night snack at night.
  • climaxest
    Good service and clean
  • e00772526
    Breakfast is relatively simple room to tell the truth is that I lived in a room with the lowest price. In it, my boyfriend just caught mosquitoes and bit several bags in one night. The taste was so strong that he couldn't breathe. Generally, the worst thing was that TV could only watch satellite channel, couldn't connect to the Internet, couldn't cast the screen. He was really hopeless
  • e00128512
    The hotel is near yuanboyuan, about 3 minutes from exit a of yuanboyuan subway station. The service of the hotel is good, because there is a little trouble in swiping the card in the hotel, the hotel also made a special call to apologize and send fruit platters. After telling that the hotel had eaten all the fruits free of charge at 8:00 p.m., the hotel still handed over the packed fruits when checking out. The service is really speechless, but the hotel is a little far away, but it's very good for those who like photography in the garden fit. The hotel facilities are a little old, the room is not big enough, the sound insulation is not good, the breakfast is general.
  • carlmarlon
    Good air, considerate service! There is a free night snack
  • foxxin
    I also sent orange juice before leaving. Happy.
  • oliverstone
    Wuhan with my girlfriend to play, my girlfriend saw the location of the hotel feel very good, so decided to book the Jun Pavilion. Sure enough, it's the right choice. During the day, many people in Hankou play and eat. It's very lively. At night, it also has a special charm. The key point is that you can have a good sleep in the evening. Bangbangda hotel is in a good location. Next to the subway, it's very convenient to go anywhere. Xiao Zhang also introduced to me the interesting places and bus routes in Wuhan, which is convenient for us to travel. Like it
  • maomaoapplecn
    Though close to the mtr station, but still need to walk a certain distance, and the road condition is not easy access.
  • benny pig Yang
    The hotel is next to the park expo garden. If it is not for city service, it is convenient to come and go to the airport. Recently, because of the military games, roads are being built in the city, so it's good to live here without traffic jams. The environment and facilities of the hotel are very good. The service is super good. There is a free night snack. Every day, the front desk calls to ask if they want to eat.